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The State of Florida has earned a well-earned reputation as the most veteran friendly state in the nation. The Governor, state legislature, counties, cities, and Florida’s citizens all recognize the sacrifice of the men and women of the Armed Forces. The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs at is the premier entry point for Florida veterans and military families to access earned services, benefits, and support. Below is a selected overview of Florida initiatives:

    • No state income tax.
    • Florida Veterans Benefits Guide. The Florida Veterans’ Benefits Guide is an annual publication designed to bring you the latest information on federal and state benefits.
    • “V” for Veteran Designation on Driver License.
    • County Veteran Service Offices. Information on current federal, state and local veterans’ programs, entitlements and referral services is also available in Florida through a network of County Veteran Service Offices. All services are provided free of charge.
    • Employ Florida Vets. Employ Florida Vets is the state’s online job portal that provides employment services to Florida veterans.
    • An extensive veterans’ health care network – including seven state veterans’ nursing homes; seven federal Veterans Medical Centers, one specializing in traumatic brain injuries; and special programs for veterans with substance abuse and mental health issues.
    • Women Veterans’ Coordinator. Watching over women veterans’ issues in Florida is a State Women Veterans’ Coordinator. For more information, call (727) 319-7440 or visit
    • Waiver of Fees from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and Florida Department of Health.
    • Specialty Motor Vehicle License Plates.
  • Military Gold Sportsman License.

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