Student Inquiries, Transfer Questions, Complaints and Other Issues

The first step in an inquiry is to address it with faculty and staff at your institution who are there to assist you through degree completion. All degree requirements are listed in your institution’s catalog.

Transfer and Articulation of Coursework

Check with your institution to help you locate the appropriation officer or counselor to determine whether previously earned postsecondary credits are applicable for transfer into your new degree program. Many times this is done in the Admissions or Registrars offices. Review some of the formal Articulation Agreements between some of the ICUF institutions and other Florida colleges and universities.

To File a Complaint

A. The first step in filing a complaint is to file a grievance and follow the procedure at the institution to which the complaint is being made. This may be done in person, or by using institutions websites to “contact” them with a written complaint.

Non-public “Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida – ICUF”

B. When emailing or writing a complaint, include the following information:

1. Date of Complaint

2. Name of Student or Complainant

3. Complainant local and email addresses

4. Phone Number

5. Name and Location/city of Institution

6. Student’s Name as Indicated on the Transcript

7. Dates of Attendance

8. A full description of the problem and any other documentation that will support your claim such as enrollment agreements, correspondence, etc.

9. Who else the complainant has conferred with and what office or department?

10. Has the student gone through he school’s published grievance procedure?

Other Issues

Dependent on the nature of the inquiry or complaint, other entities may have the proper jurisdiction to address or investigate the concern. The following links route you to entities of higher education within the state of Florida for you to contact with your questions:

Non-ICUF, nonpublic Postsecondary Institutions

Public Universities – Under “Contact Us”

Public Colleges

Public Vocational-Technical Schools