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Student GPS

(Graduation Pathways Site)

Today, GPS Navigation (Global Positioning System) for mobile phones helps people get where they need to go.  A GPS provides a map and shows different routes to a destination.  It provides turn-by-turn directions for walking, driving or traveling the world.  Thanks to the Council of Independent Colleges and other donors, the Florida Independent College Fund is developing a Student GPS that will coach and counsel students on the various routes to bachelor’s degrees.  This site will be enhanced, expanded and exported over the next 18 months.  This initial site has:

A Toolkit for High School Students

A Toolkit for College & University Students

A Toolkit to Help All Students Plan for Successful Careers

Academic and Career Counselor Information


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And revisit this site as it is upgraded during the upcoming year.

And good luck.

A college or university degree is a proven route to success