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Independent colleges or universities are accessible and affordable. The 30 ICUF colleges and universities with 114 additional sites around the state, award 25% of Florida’s bachelor degrees and one-third of all degrees. Their enrollments vary from approximately 200 to nearly 26,000 students. Their average class has 19 students. They are funded through student tuition that can use federal, state, and institutional aid. Over 90% of full-time undergraduate students at ICUF institutions receive financial aid.

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The 30 ICUF private, not-for-profit, higher education institutions in Florida

ICUF Distance Learning Program Search

ICUF Institutions = Fast Facts

The Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG)

The tuition assistance program funded annually by the state of Florida and awarded to Florida residents, enrolled full-time at ICUF institutions.

Resource Sites:

Florida Virtual Campus

ICUF Articulation Manuals 

The College Navigator  – search for the right post-secondary institution

Florida Expert Net – Portal to expertise across Florida’s universities

Florida Talent Net – Florida inventory of training and education programs

9 Myths about private non-profit higher education

Myth 1: Private Colleges are not affordable

Myth 2: Federal student aid drives up college costs 

Myth 3: Private colleges lack diversity and only enroll wealthy, traditional students

Myth 4: Many college graduates leave school more than $100,000 in debt

Myth 5: A college degree is no longer a good investment

Myth 6: Fewer students are choosing to attend private colleges 

Myth 7: All private colleges have billion-dollar endowments

Myth 8: Private colleges are not innovative or flexible

Myth 9: Private colleges are not transparent or accountable