For more than 50 years building a brighter Florida

Florida Independent College Fund

Who We Are

For nearly 60 years, the Florida Independent College Fund (FICF) has been a not-for-profit organization that works closely with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) to provide expanded access to higher education for students from all backgrounds. FICF strives to assist deserving, hardworking students in need of education and training that will result in a better-prepared and educated workforce.

The purpose of the Florida Independent College Fund is:

To serve as the non‑profit foundation for program and resource development for the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida;

To develop collaborative programs and projects of members of the Independent Colleges and Universities and to seek funding for those activities;

To identify and develop funding for general purposes of the member institutions, scholarships and collaborative programs;

To carry out funding activities through which individuals, corporations, corporate foundations, trusts and other foundations can support the collaborative scholarships and programs of member colleges;

To promote the interests of independent higher education in Florida by enhancing a productive partnership between the member institutions and the private sector; and

To inform and encourage private sector leadership regarding the distinctive value and contributions to Florida and the nation of this state’s independent institutions of higher learning.