Legislation 2015

House Bill 33-ASpecial Session Tax Cut Package

College textbooks exempted from Florida sales tax for 1 year including books sold to ICUF students if used at a FRAG-eligible institution.

Senate Bill 2502-A – Budget or GAA Implementing Bill

Regarding community service work requirements for Bright Futures, allows a student to meet that requirement if the student completes a program of volunteer service work as approved by a district school board or the DOE for home education. The student must identify a social or civic issue or professional area that interests him/her and develop a plan for personal involvement in the area, and through papers or presentations, evaluate and reflect on the experience. Except for credit earned through service learning courses, the student may not receive remuneration or academic credit.  This may include work for a business, a government internship, a nonprofit community service organization, or for a candidate for public offer. This provision expires July 1, 2016.


Senate Bill 850 – An Act Relating to Education (Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFO))

ICUF institutions became eligible to operate as a “Scholarship Funding Organizations” (SFO) under the Florida Tax Credit (FTC) Scholarship Program. The FTC Scholarship Program is Florida’s K-12 school choice program. It allows taxpayers to make voluntary contributions, and Florida corporations to claim a tax credit for their contributions, to a nonprofit scholarship-funding organization (which can now include ICUF institutions) in order to facilitate K-12 school educational options. The SFO requirement to  maintain a surety bond or letter of credit equal to the amount of un-disbursed funds is waived for state universities and ICUF institutions. Additionally, an ICUF institution is exempt from the initial or renewal application process to become an SFO.